We need to talk about the children

Years ago when I sent out my wedding invitations, a dear friend replied straight away that she would love to attend but only if the invite extended to her new partner’s 10-year-old daughter. I thought it was a bit cheeky especially as I’d never met the child but I wanted my friend to be there, so that was that. I remember seeing the girl on my big day looking fed up and as if she’d rather be anywhere else than at a stranger’s wedding.

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The world of weddings – all under one roof

A great way to get inspired when planning a wedding is to visit a national bridal show where you will have the opportunity to talk to dozens and dozens of suppliers under one roof.

A major show is also the place to check out the current wedding trends, deal with a range of vendors, sample everything from wedding cakes and chocolate favours, gaze at and handle beautiful wedding gowns, and potentially win prizes.

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Picture-perfect – but at what cost?

While studying my face, a boyfriend once pointed out to me a ‘cute little scar’ across the bridge of my nose. That ‘cute scar’ creeping across my skin was a wrinkle that became more noticeable as the birthdays raced by. It’s part of my life lines and I’m happy to keep slapping on the skin creams to, hopefully, slow down wear and tear. For many women this isn’t enough as they go to greater lengths to keep looking younger.

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