The world of weddings – all under one roof

A great way to get inspired when planning a wedding is to visit a national bridal show where you will have the opportunity to talk to dozens and dozens of suppliers under one roof.

A major show is also the place to check out the current wedding trends, deal with a range of vendors, sample everything from wedding cakes and chocolate favours, gaze at and handle beautiful wedding gowns, and potentially win prizes.

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Picture-perfect – but at what cost?

While studying my face, a boyfriend once pointed out to me a ‘cute little scar’ across the bridge of my nose. That ‘cute scar’ creeping across my skin was a wrinkle that became more noticeable as the birthdays raced by. It’s part of my life lines and I’m happy to keep slapping on the skin creams to, hopefully, slow down wear and tear. For many women this isn’t enough as they go to greater lengths to keep looking younger.

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Life’s a beach when you are getting wed

There’s nothing more romantic than the sound of the waves and the wind in your hair, which is probably why an increasing number of couples are heading for the beach to tie the knot. It may seem that getting married by the sea is literally a breeze whether at home or abroad – but things don’t always go according to plan, so here’s some tips on how to avoid that sinking feeling.

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How to take the friction out of stepfamilies

The politics of divorce can rear their ugly head when it comes to weddings. If there is acrimony within a divorced family, planning a wedding will need to be handled with care and sensitivity.

Even if your parents have been apart for years and are now happily remarried, the traditions of weddings force everyone to declare their official position in the bride and groom’s life.

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It’s a dog’s life to be a hound of honour

There’s no doubt about it, a dog is definitely a man’s or a woman’s best friend. It’s no surprise that for many pet owners, family celebrations wouldn’t be the same without their pooches.

As pets are an integral part of family lives, more couples are including them in one of the most important days in their lives. People take all sorts of animals to their weddings but the most common are dogs.

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