Thank You For Choosing Us

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our fabulous customers, for choosing to shop at Compton House of Fashion over the last few years.

We wanted to share a snippet from our map of sales across the UK, since 2010. It’s fantastic to see the sheer spread of sales from our independent shop in Somerset. We are proud of the distance that our clients are prepared to travel, in order to receive the very best service from our wonderful team and of course such a unique choice in dresses.

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Embracing & Dressing Your Gorgeous Plus-Size Figure

With magazines, TV and social media full of models who appear to have the ‘perfect’ figure, it’s easy to forget that not everyone is an off-the-peg size. Did you know that 45% of British women are sizes 16 plus?

Although typically 16+ is considered ‘plus-size’, it really is open for debate as to where this label begins; many designers have shown that sizing is not universal.

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The Perfect Dress for Any Shape

No matter what your body shape, we can promise that there is the perfect dress waiting for you. With such a variety of different body types out there, we have dresses to cater for them all! So whether you’re pear shaped, hour glass, broad shouldered, apple shaped or straight and lean, whatever your figure… there is a style that will extenuate it, in just the right way.

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Shopping Tips

There is an overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to dresses. It’s such a special day, it’s so important you choose something that you’ll feel brilliant in, and something that will look great in all the photos too! Your outfit needs to complement the bride, but at the same time, let everyone know that you are of course the mother. so where do you possibly start with all this choice?

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Your Role As the Mother on the Day

The big occasion is nearly here and you might be wondering what sort of things you could do as the mother, to ensure the day runs as smoothly as it can for the special couple. Each wedding is of course different, but hopefully some of these tips for your role as mother on the Wedding day, will help you out as well as take some of the pressure and worry off the to-be-weds.

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Wedding Planning Advice for the mother

Mother’s play such an important role in the life of their son or daughter, and it doesn’t stop once they are engaged. If your offspring is to due to be wed, you will have realised by now that it’s not just an exciting time for the bride and groom… but also a huge occasion for you. If you’re not sure how involved to get in the wedding planning activities, we’re here to offer some advice.

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Coordinating and Complementing the Other Mother

If so, you’re probably wondering about the other Mother’s general involvement with the Wedding and of course the all important outfits.

What’s the best way to tackle the potential clashing of dresses, or getting under each other’s feet during the planning process? Well we’re here to help make a few suggestions about the various areas of concern.

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