Classic, vintage or downright wacky wedding wheels – it’s a matter of taste

Guide To Choosing Wedding Transport

The song ‘Get me to the church on time!’ must have been ringing in the ears of one panic-stricken couple left stranded on the way to their wedding when their car broke down. Stephanie and David Ritchie from Paisley in Scotland never imagined who would come to the rescue: a passing police car. The quick-thinking policewoman rushed them to the hotel in time to exchange vows. It wasn’t quite the transport the couple had hoped to arrive in but full marks for originality.

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Don’t let it rain on your parade: weatherproof your wedding

Guide To A Rainy Wedding Day

It’s hard to predict the British weather and even our meteorologists can get forecasts wrong – remember BBC weatherman Michael Fox and the 1987 hurricane.

Even the best-laid wedding plans are hostage to the changeable weather, so it’s good to have a backup in place that will enable you to weatherproof your wedding.

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Girl power

Choosing Your Maid-of-Honour, Bridesmaids & Best Man

Asking a good friend to be a bridesmaid is a special honour for them. Their role will be to support the bride and take away some of her stress. There are no hard-and-fast rules about how many a bride should choose; often that decision is based on the size of the wedding and venue.

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