It’s about love, not gender

It’s nearly three and a half years since the first same-sex wedding was celebrated in England and Wales, with Scotland soon following suit, and since then, same-sex marriage has become commonplace. Straight marriage has centuries of traditions, and many of these have been incorporated by gays and lesbians in the run-up to a wedding and on the day itself.

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Take two – here comes the bride again

For second weddings, many things are different. You are a little older, hopefully wiser, and with a better sense of what you want your wedding to be like. Maybe you feel more deserving of a party and less likely to kowtow to etiquette rules. You are perhaps more in tune with decorating tastes, have a clearer idea of what you don’t want and no longer feel the pressure of parents’ views. This time you may have even written your wedding vows together.

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Be creative with your wedding themes

Planning your wedding is an exciting milestone as you tie the knot with the one you love. Everyone wants to make their wedding stand out and there’s no better way to do so than having a weird and unusually themed wedding. It seems that dressing up and doing the playful character bit is no longer the domain of the fancy dress party.

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Here come the girls

Two things in life that most women love are shopping and having fun with the girls.

There’s one night out – the hen do – that’s seen as the ‘last night of freedom’ or rite of passage before getting hitched. Organising a hen party can be a minefield: there are so many different ideas that it’s difficult enough to decide on a theme, let alone a venue.

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Get ahead on hat etiquette

Guide to Wearing a Wedding Hat or Special Occasion Headwear

The thought of wearing a hat to a wedding scares the living daylights out of some people. Many women are convinced that hats don’t suit them when the reality is that they haven’t found the right one for their face shape.

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