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Our range of 1000 Mother of the Bride and Groom dresses in Google Translate. Perfect for the modern stylish woman seeking a completely elegant look for your Special Occasion.


Stunning Mother of the Bride Dresses and Outfits

Your child’s wedding is one of the most important days in your life and as the Mother of the Bride or Groom, you are the most celebrated individual there, second only to the Bride & Groom themselves. It is to be expected that your Mother of the Bride Outfit radiates sophistication and elegance.

Helping you find the right mother of the bride dress for your Special Occasion starts with providing you with the very best selection of outfits from leading designers. Listed below we have an array of Fashion Houses who, year after year produce stunning outfits for all sizes, tastes and budgets.

How many dresses & outfits do you stock?

Each of our designers has their own unique style from classic British, traditional French and beautiful Italian combined with the latest fashion trends to create the ideal outfit

We also provide Dresses for Ascot Race Days, Royal Garden Parties and Henley Regatta.

What dress sizes do you stock?

We know how important it is to look extra special on your special day. So whether you are looking for a formal Mother of the Bride dress or something slightly more casual each of our designers offers fabulous dresses in a wide choice of sizes from petite to plus sizes that flatter the fuller figure beautifully.

What dress styles do you stock?

We stock dresses suitable for various different occasions including summer and winter weddings, day and evening events. These include short and long Mother of the Bride outfits, knee-length and tea length dresses and skirts as well as trouser suits with short and long sleeves. We have options for covering up in the evenings and for colder days including matching jackets and boleros.

To compliment your outfit we also stock a range of mother of the bride hats and fascinators as well as matching court shoes and bags.

What are the best dress colours for a mother of the bride?

Our designers use clever colour combinations that compliment fashionable bridesmaids colours from metallics including gold mother of the bride dresses to purple, burgundy, pink and red as well as darker shades of navy blue, black and grey. Each colour range is inspired by different experiences from Parisian fashion to the colours of the shores of Lake Como and the beautiful Caribbean Islands.

What should a mother of the bride wear to an informal wedding?

An informal wedding can mean different things to different people, so it’s always best to check the dress code. For semi-formal or dressy casual weddings a cocktail dress, lightweight sundress, trendy skirt and top or dressy trousers and top are appropriate. If you have been invited to a casual wedding, pretty much anything goes apart from jeans, tank tops and shorts. Informal evening weddings tend to be smarter than casual daytime weddings but they still allow for plenty of flexibility, you could go for either a long sleeve or strapless maxi dress, a classic chic black party dress or boutique midi dress to make the ultimate statement.

What should a mother of the bride wear to a second wedding?

Fortunately, modern expectations have moved away from traditional etiquette with regards to second weddings which means that remarriages can be just as formal or as informal as first weddings. Whether casual or conventional there are a few rules of thumb to bear in mind when choosing your outfit. The important thing is to look and feel your best, simple patterns and bold colours will help. Weddings are not the best place to try out your new mini dress so go for something a bit longer. You can often get clues about the most appropriate attire from the wedding venue if it’s an outside affair in the heart of summer or an indoor religious ceremony in autumn that should guide your decision.

Things to consider before choosing your outfit

Q: Help! Are there any set rules on what I should wear as Mother of the Bride? My daughter’s wedding is looming – but I am so confused about what I should wear?

The great thing about modern weddings with modern brides at the helm is that there can very often be a theme or a clear idea of what the day will be like which can help you decide – wedding etiquette is now much more relaxed and Mother of the Bride outfits can range from formal and sophisticated to comfortable and relaxed. Talk to your daughter and determine what she visualises as her “theme or design” and even what she would like you to wear .Maybe the brides thoughts on outfits don’t necessarily match up with yours? This could be the time to seek help from friends ,family and reputable Mother of the Bride outfitters such as Compton House of Fashion.

Fear not, give yourself plenty of time, try on rather than dismiss an outfit – sometimes a style or colour can take you by surprise and be the one outfit you “say yes“ to! Most of all make this part of the whole wedding fun, enjoy it and look forward to your daughter‘s beautiful day!

Q: I just love bright and cheerful colours and especially pretty florals -is it ok for me, as Mother of the Bride, to wear these bright colours at my daughters wedding?

Bright and beautiful colours are perfect for the Mother of the Bride outfit, particularly as you know that these colour choices suit you (so you will wear them comfortably and with style!)and would also be especially perfect for a glorious summer or autumnal wedding where flowers, greenery and the seasons are part of the theme.Wearing bright colours need to be given thought though … make sure you are not wearing clashing bright colours, florals or patterns or even too much of these bold and beautiful tones as they may not work so well photographically and you could get lost amongst it all. You are the Mother of the bride and everyone needs to see you but not for the wrong reasons! Think soft pastel florals as a comprise and you could have bagged a wedding winner!

Q: I am more at ease in comfortable and casual clothes ,give me jeans and a t-shirt and I’m a happy girl !. I know I’ve got to look my best for my daughters wedding, but do I really have to wear a jacket?

Jackets come in lots of different disguises so don’t let that word put you off! Lots of Mother of the Brides like to have some sort of “cover-up” maybe its a church wedding and its considered correct, or its a wedding being held when the weather is unpredictable or very often it’s just not wanting to show off the dreaded arms. Whatever the reason, a cover -up does not have to be a structured tailored jacket … think flowing shrug or cape, short bolero and even light pashmina – they will all do the trick without making you feel uncomfortable and restricted. Be open minded where jackets are concerned and you may be pleasantly surprised!

Q: A long or short outfit for my Mother of the Bride outfit ? … I’m totally confused which is best – please let me know what it should be?

There are no rules, in fact the wedding rule book has been thrown away – The only people that you need to have this chat with are the Bride and Groom -modern Brides and their intended are very clear what they want and what they are easy going about and they will let you know, then after that – it’s a case of researching the styles that you like and suits you, whether long or short. One small point -if the wedding is an evening affair – long outfits do look stunning particularly with liberal amounts of bling, sequins and of course, fizz!

Q: I know what colours suit me ,and also the ones I should definitely avoid ! But is there a colour that is on trend and popular right now for me as Mum of the Bride?

Knowing what colours suit us when we are shopping for an important outfit is really helpful and knowing what to avoid is a real winner, however ,what colours that are on trend is a more difficult thing to answer. Strong, bold colours such as teal, royal blues and corals are popular, make a stunning impact, are photographically perfect but are not everyone’s “cup of tea”Pastels, blush pinks and soft greys are also on point for spring and summer weddings but not all Mother of the Brides choice -the key thing here is knowing what colour suits you and working within those tones and maybe adding an accent or contrast colour in the accessories, fascinator or hat. It is also sensible to consider what the bridesmaids, attendants and the groom and his groomsmen are wearing – worth considering to avoid clashing or being the same meaning you become hopelessly lost in the crowd during the event and afterwards in the photo’s.

Q: We are all so looking forward to our daughter’s wedding ! it can’t come quick enough ! but any advice on when is the good time to start shopping for my Mother of the Bride outfit … please say soon … as we can’t wait!

Simple answer here,the sooner the better ! the more time that you spend researching ,trying outfits on and getting advice the easier your final selection will be .One small point if you are planning on watching the calories and trimming down before the big day it may be best to work hard dropping down that dress size before you start your outfit purchase.

Q: My husband is a great one for budgeting and with our daughters wedding coming up it’s probably just as well ! He’s asking for a guide on the average price for my Mother of the Bride outfit – could you help?

At Compton House of Fashion there are literally hundreds of Mother of the Bride outfits,hats,shoes handbags and fascinators, so to keep your budget conscious guy happy call our office to discuss costings further.

Q: The wedding invitation states black tie! Help! … as Mother of the Groom what on earth can I wear?

More and more Bride and Grooms are opting for later wedding timings which means the ceremony and reception is an evening event, the Mother of the Groom or Bride could take this opportunity to maybe consider Inky blue, Teal, Navy and Soft Grey alongside the perfectly acceptable Black. Dark colours work beautifully well for evening wedding events particularly if accessorised with copious amounts of bling, faux fur and sparkly heels.If the wedding is early then black can steal the show too but try adding a contrasting accent colour, maybe, silver, lime or shell pink to lift the complexion and add a little pizaaz -always good to be aware the dark colours being worn close to the skin can be hard on the complexion so lifting it with a contrast will help no end and leave you looking stunning.

Q: These things are always so confusing and I’m bound to get it wrong when we are busy getting ready on the morning of the wedding but help me out here …which side do I, as Mother of the Bride, wear my corsage?

Its a difficult one this one as it’s usually the last thing to do before you set out for the wedding but just so you know – ladies wear their button hole on the right and men on the left. To confuse things even more women where their corsage or buttonhole upside down or the stems facing upwards – the reason for this? Womens clothes are usually lighter and flowers tend to sit better on the outfit this way.Of course flowers can be added to a handbag, wrist or hat if an outfit is too lightweight to take flowers at all-these options also stop the flowers being crushed during those all important post ceremony hugs and dance floor maneuvers.

Q: I’m a little bit body conscious about my legs and to be honest I usually wear trousers pretty much all the time. I would really love to wear a trouser suit or even a jumpsuit. Do you think that would be acceptable for my son’s wedding this year?

If it’s acceptable for your son and his soon to be wife then it’s a perfectly acceptable outfit for their beautiful day ! Feeling comfortable and at ease is so important so that you feel relaxed and enjoy their day to the full .If the jumpsuit or trouser suit option is not something that they had in mind then to help with your concerns consider a longer flowing midi dress which will give you style combined with that all important cover-up.

Top tips for mothers of the bride and groom

Read our style tips and guidance for Mothers of the Bride & Groom. Everything from choosing the right outfit and accessories to your role on the big day.