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Mother of the Bride Dresses

Our Mother of the Bride dresses and guest outfits range in price from £150 to £1279 and hats from £29 to £249.



John Charles

John Charles

Ian Stuart

Ian Stuart


IW946 Iris Jacket - Ispirato Dress

Paule Vasseur

Ronald Joyce

Ronald Joyce

Mon Cheri

Mon Cheri

Ann Balon

Ann Balon





Stunning Mother of the Bride Dresses & Wedding Outfits

Helping you find the right outfit for your Special Occasion starts with providing you with the very best selection of outfits from leading designers. Listed below we have an array of Fashion Houses who, year after year produce stunning outfits for all sizes, tastes and budgets.

Each year the designers wow us with exciting new styles, fabrics and colours.. some could be a previous, popular design with a new twist or some could be something never seen before and unique.Whether you are looking for structured, formal, floaty, lacey, elegant or just simplicity itself, here at Compton House of Fashion we have it all….and we look forward to making your vision come true.

Things to consider before choosing your Mother of The Bride Dress

Q: Do I need an appointment to visit Compton House of Fashion?

A: No you do not, we are open from 9.30am to 5.0 pm Mondays to Saturdays. We are busiest from 11.0am until 3.0 pm, Saturdays especially, so come outside those times if you are able https://www.comptonhouseoffashion.co.uk/contact/

Q: Can we order more sizes or different colours?

Sometimes we can, however, we buy our stock 6 months in advance, but occasionally we can get additional sizes.

Q: Does this Mother of the Bride dress come in any other colour?

Many of our mother of the bride dress styles come in other colours to the one we show on the website. Other colours available will be listed in the description of that dress.

Q: What colour shoes would I wear with this mother of the bride outfit?

We have a range of matching shoes in stock in different styles, we will help you choose the style & colour to suit your mother of the bride dress.

Q: Is there parking nearby?

Wedmore is unusual in having no double yellow lines so you can park wherever you can find a space, sometimes outside the shop if we are quiet. There is a large car park about 10 minutes away. Click for a village plan to see where it is.

Q: Opening hours?

We are open from 9.30am to 5.0 pm. & busiest from 11.0am until 3.0 pm, Saturdays especially. Come outside those times if you can. https://www.comptonhouseoffashion.co.uk/contact/

Q: Do you supply Hats & Fascinators?

We have one of the largest collections of Hats & Fascinators in the UK. Most are bought to go with the colour of a particular outfit & we cannot sell them separately from the outfit. However, we do have some that we can sell separately.

Q: Can I buy over the Internet?

No, we do not sell over the internet but we can make a telephone sale. You will not have seen the outfit & will not have been able to try it on. Therefore if you are not happy with the outfit you can return it within 7 days in perfect, unworn condition and we will refund your money. Please see our distance selling terms.

Q: Can I bring family members with me?

Of course you can, it will be very helpful to you in making your decision. The brides’ opinion is particularly important. Better not to have more than 2 or otherwise, conflicting advice may not be very helpful.

Q: How long can I spend choosing my wedding outfit?

You can spend as long as you like even come back a second time with someone to seek their advice, especially the Brides. You will be under no pressure to choose or to buy. Just take your time & enjoy it. We provide a private & personal one to one service.

Q: Will you keep an Outfit I have chosen until the next day?

Yes, we will. It will be kept available for 24 hours before it is returned to stock together with Hats & Shoes if you have chosen them.

Q: Can I pay a deposit & the rest over a month?

Yes, we take half the price upfront & keep the Outfit until you pay the balance within a month.

Q: If I change my mind, can I return an Outfit?

Yes, you can within 28 days we will give you a credit for the same value which you can use when you find another outfit here. We are not able to give cash refunds.

Q: When should I come to have the greatest choice?

Our Spring / Summer stock comes in from November onwards, especially Condici. By the end of February, most of the stock will be in. High Summer comes from June onwards over the next 2 months or so.

Q: Where can I see Reviews of your shop?

These can be seen on the website where we have 169 Facebook Reviews nearly all 5* and 24 Google Reviews similarly 5*.

Q: Do you know of Bridal suppliers in your area?

Yes, we have a list of shops selling wedding dresses and all kind of lovely things to enhance your wedding.

Q: Is there anywhere I can see the inside of the shop?

We have a Virtual Tour of the shop which shows every nook & cranny which you can explore. We may not have all the dresses in stock which you will see. All dresses on a hanger with a protective sleeve. Please also see our picture gallery.

Q: Do you have any advice about planning my Wedding?

Yes we have published 79 blogs about every aspect of planning your wedding.

Q: Can I buy a Gift Voucher?

Yes, we can provide you with a gift voucher of any value which you can give someone.

Q: Is there any way I can see staff before I visit?

Yes, you see all of our staff on our Shop page.

Q: Can you arrange alterations to an Outfit I have bought?

We provide an alteration service by a skilled tailoress who comes to the shop on a Thursday afternoon or you can see her in her workshop in Clevedon.

Q: How far do clients travel to visit Compton House of Fashion?

Clients come from all over the UK, Scotland, Ireland, the EC & from all over the World.