5 Things Every Mother of The Bride & Groom Can Do

Guide To Being Mother of the Bride or Groom

As your involvement with the wedding will differ depending on a few things; your relationship with the couple, how much you want to be involved and how traditional the wedding is. If the couple have opted for something quiet and intimate, keeping the whole event very low-key, then there are far fewer things to organise and much less to be done on the day itself. We’ve compiled 5 things that you should be able to do, regardless of the scale of the wedding.

5 Things Every Mother Can Do

Shopping Buddy

Whether the wedding is traditional or not, your daughter will want to look and feel beautiful on the big day. Mums make the best shopping partners because they are usually honest, yet supportive and know exactly when that all important winning outfit has been found… I guess you could call it Mother’s instinct! Wedding shopping, of course, doesn’t stop there, your daughter might want to look at flowers, decor, table features etc. Being the supportive shopper can make the whole process much more enjoyable for the Bride and potentially less stressful, in cases where the Bride is feeling overwhelmed.

On the Day Assistance

Helping the bride to get dressed on the day and perfect her hair and makeup, might seem like a small task, but it’s a very big deal. You are with your daughter right up until she walks down the aisle, she trusts your opinion and will value your assistance on the morning of the event. You’ve been a key person in your daughter’s life since the day she was born, so it only makes sense that you will play a key role on her wedding day too. She might be nervous or worried about something not going to plan, so it’s your job to alleviate these concerns.

Be a Contact for the Guests

Sending out and keeping track of invites is a nice way to take at least one worry away from the bride and groom, provided they are happy for you to do this. Obviously, for larger weddings this is going to be more of a task, but even a small wedding of just 10-20 guests requires someone to be a contact for them. On the day itself, guests might require directions to the venue, some might have lost their invite and need clarification on details such as the starting time.

The guest list itself is usually complied with help from the mother of the bride, so bare in mind that the you might want to take more a role with helping guests on the day too. Try not to assume that everything will be done the traditional way, speak to your daughter to find out her preferences in regard to each element of the wedding. Most importantly, enjoy this amazing milestone in both your lives.