Destination Wedding Advice for Your Mother of the Bride Wedding Outfit

Dressing for a destination wedding can be difficult. If the couple are leaning away from the traditional church setting, you might be unsure about what sort of styles are appropriate and how you can fit in with the setting, but stand out as the beautiful Mother of the Bride.

Beaches & Tropical Destinations

A beach wedding sounds like a lot of fun when you open the invite, but after a while you might start to wonder what sort of outfit you’re going to wear to this type of venue. Floaty and light is key for a beach wedding, materials such as organza, chiffon or linen work well, especially in a warm tropical destination. However, the first thing to establish is whether the event is a formal or informal beach wedding, this could influence the length of dress, the cut, the shape and of course your accessories.

Another thing to think about is the time of the event. Often hot tropical weddings take place in the late afternoon or early evening, to avoid the baking sun ruining the occasion. The time of day changes everything; a sunset wedding might influence the colour choice differently to a daytime wedding. One thing to avoid for a warm destination is black, anything black will absorb the heart and could make you rather uncomfortable.

Shoes for the beach should be chunky, platform-based so that your heels don’t sink into the sand. For a more casual wedding, guests might attend barefoot, but this is definitely something to check with the Bride and Groom first.

Destination Wedding Advice for the Mother of the Bride

Countryside & Castle Weddings

Castle weddings are becoming increasingly popular, as well as other countryside settings in the UK, in and around historical landmarks and locations. So what sort of attire fits this type of venue?

A castle is grand yet elegant in design, so mirroring this concept in your outfit is usually a winner! Castle weddings tend to be extravagant and therefore very formal, so opt for a classy long, show-stopping dress and don’t be afraid to work the wow-factor. A matching jacket for the cooler air will keep you comfortable, yet still maintain the overall look.

Destination Wedding Advice for the Mother of the Bride

If the wedding is in winter or somewhere cold like a ski lodge, then rich, deep colours with heavier fabrics are a perfect choice, deep greens, aubergines, teals and sapphire shades would look stunning against the snow. Heavy fabrics should keep you warmer than something light.

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