Your Role As the Mother on the Day

The big occasion is nearly here and you might be wondering what sort of things you could do as the mother of the bride or groom, to ensure the day runs as smoothly as it can for the special couple. Each wedding is, of course, different, but hopefully, some of these tips for your role as the mother on the Wedding day, will help you out as well as take some of the pressure and worry off the to-be-weds.

Are the Guests Where They Are Meant to Be?

It’s likely that you were involved in the seating plan for the guests, or even the guest list itself. Now it’s time to make sure the seating plan is correct and all the guests are in the right places at the right times. You could offer to lend a hand in directing guests to their tables, or if there are any stragglers, find out when everyone is intending to arrive and make sure friends and family are not lost on their way to the venue.

Look After the Gifts

As the guests arrive bearing gifts, it’s nice to have someone to hand them over to. The Bride and Groom will likely be preoccupied, and there will probably be a table or area near the entrance for guests to leave their gifts on. It’s a nice idea to take a note of who has left which item if you see any that don’t have tags or names on them, this will help the Bride and Groom when they come to write their thank-you cards.

Cater to Your Daughter’s Needs

Be there for your daughter on the day, whatever she needs, let her know you can help her out, outfit malfunctions or last-minute requirements, you’ve got it covered. Has she forgotten something important and needs a hand with finding a substitute? With all the excitement, planning and preparation, it’s easy to forget things even when you think everything has been covered. This is definitely of the most important roles of the mother on the day.

The Safe Return of the Dress

At the end of the wedding celebrations, the Bride might want to get changed before leaving with her Groom to go straight on their honeymoon. This isn’t always the case and depends on the couple’s plans, but when this does happen, it’s usually your responsibility as the mother to make sure your daughter’s wedding outfit and accessories are taken back home safely.

Of course, it’s very important you also enjoy the day and don’t spoil it by worrying about the details too much, it’s often the small things that mean the most, and even just helping out with the simple things like the seating or the gifts will be much appreciated by the Bride and Groom.